Hi! I'm Kristen!

I quit my working-from-home job MID-pandemic 2021---on a epic quest to find all of the toilets in the land that required my wizard cleaning skills.....Well I am kidding-but seriously-who knew the little tyke pictured above would grow up one day to have a castle filled with buckets and a passion to keep your porcelain throne clean, and majestic as it was only meant to be?

I want to say that I appreciate all of you taking the time to read through this clearly homemade website. I appreciate the support, the positive & negative feedback--but most of all--I appreciate my "Madre". For ALWAYS believing in me, and supporting me through this life changing endeavor.

My goal is to set Two Girls & a Bucket apart from the rest of the cleaning companies here in Southern Maine. I want to uphold a high standard and provide a level of service to all of my clients that is unlike cleaning companies in the area.

I try to make sure that our services that we provide are above and beyond that of my competition. I mean, what other cleaning companies in the Southern Maine area are certified and trained from Glassparency to install Ceramic Shower Coatings for glass showers, adding protection while educating clients on how to maintain & preserve the longevity of the glass? ..........still thinking? We are too!!

I also want to make sure that when you hear Two Girls & a Bucket you have a smile that comes to your face and realize that every single one of our clients-no matter if we have only cleaned your home for a move-out, are considered our family-and for that we are very grateful.

And I leave you with this....