Recurring Cleanings

So you want to see us often huh?

We offer Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly recurring cleanings. We price these based on the size of your home, what you need done, how long it will take us, and availability.

These cleanings are priced at a FLAT RATE that is agreed upon before scheduling an appointment. We require you to sign our Customer Agreement document, which will include your recurring cleaning rate, specifics to touch base on when we clean your home, and frequency, and day of cleaning. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR ALL NEW CLIENTS BEFORE BECOMING OUR BIGGEST FANS!

If this is something you're interested in, you MUST fill out a New Client Information Form so we can better assist you. The information you fill out goes directly to our email-we do not solicit or send your information to anyone-we are solely using this as a way to capture data for easy entry to get your in our scheduling system!

Deep Cleaning Pricing & Add-Ons

  • Deep Cleaning Hourly Rate:
    $50/Hour (1 Girl & a Bucket)
    $70/Hour (2 Girls & a Bucket)

  • Interior Oven Cleaning:
    Top, Bottom, Underneath, & Inside that dirty oven. Making sure we remove all racks inside-and removing all carbon buildup that has accrued over the last 13 years since the oven was cleaned. Trust us--It's worth it. We have the magic sticks that make all that grime disappear!

  • Interior Fridge Cleaning:
    We will take all shelves out of the fridge- remove glass from the racks, clean, scrub, shine, wipe, dry, and reinstall all pieces leaving your fridge feeling happy like when it was on the sales floor waiting to be installed!

  • Window Cleaning:
    $2/window OR FLAT RATE TBD
    This is to be determined during our walkthrough-If your home has more than 5 windows-you can bet it being a flat rate-We will clean the interior of the windows. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE AREA WE REFER TO AS "THE GREAT DIRTY CANYON". This is the special spot when you open the windows-and it's black, brown, a leaf or three, maybe even a twig got there from the fall--THIS IS NOT INCLUDED, we wipe the glass for you ridding the surface of fingerprints from your toddler or your dogs nose snot when they wait for you to come home!

  • Trash Removal:
    If we are required to take the trash with us-a removal charge of $10/bag will be applied-We are not the DUMP GUYS-We don't own trucks & trailers-We are cleaners, we don't mind taking your trash-in our cars-to a place we can get rid of it-but it will cost you. If you have a trash can to use on site-please advise us ahead of time. If you are located in Portland-We charge $13/Bag due to those beautiful purple bags!