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Cleaning Videos

This video shows the three step ceramic coating process on a three walled shower. Estimated time it really took: 1.5 hours..

Step 1: We clean the shower walls-remove all soap scum and make crisp for the ceramic coat.

Step 2: Clean the glass removing any soap scum remover or suds that might be on there.

Step 3: Apply Ceramic Coating, go over the same spot in a circular motion with a different towel---This process makes our arms look ripped. Clients are welcome to join if you're trying to get RIPPED!

**This Ceramic Coating lasts up to 3 years. Kristen is a certified installer--one of the only cleaning companies in Southern Maine to offer this type of service for Showers. We charge based on the size of the home & # of showers coating. FREE 6 Month Booster. Every 6 months we will perform a complimentary tune-up. This ensures durability as well as protection for the glass.

Step 4: This will be your new favorite word: TRANSPARENCY