The woman behind the bucket
We make seashell napkins for our air bnb clients!

The begining of our buckets

Hello Everyone! My name is Kristen Day. I am the Owner/Founder of Two Girls & a Bucket cleaning company. I started this business with a small idea on my living room floor in December of 2020. I was doing puzzles, as that's what you had to keep yourself entertained during a global pandemic. I knew I was not happy with my current 9-5 (sales for a Portland based company, that had 0 cares for the local employees--only making money and saw their employees as dollar signs!). I decided to take a risk-put my name, heart, blood, sweat, tears, and money (YES ! All my money!) out on the line and start a cleaning company. The funniest thing is that both my mother & brother laughed when I told them this. They were reminded of my teenage self--being the MESSIEST people they have ever met, and it honestly took a bribe, or my mom to take away my books to get me to clean my room! I wanted to have a catchy name. A few ideas came to mind-this one being one of them. A (then popular" rap song had lyrics of 'Grab a Bucket & a Mop", and I knew from then on it was history.

I'm originally from Baltimore, MD. Graduated from the University of Baltimore with a Human Services Administration degree, currently work for Shalom House part time as a relief Residential Support Staff as well as run Two Girls & a Bucket full time. I have an all-women crew (we do NOT discriminate, but no men have applied and taken on the challenge!). Currently looking for more staff, but you need to be the right fit & are able to work without guidance or hand-holding. I make sure my staff adhere to cleaning guidelines and protocols & are fully vaccinated before they are able to clean for my company.

We're located in Portland, Maine and service Peaks Island, Great Diamond Island, Little Diamond Island, Diamond Cove, Long Island, Falmouth, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Westbrook, Scarborough, Old Orchard Beach, Biddeford, Saco & beyond! (WE ARE WORKING OUR WAY TOWARDS AUGUSTA, IF YOU LIVE THERE EMAIL US!!!)

We're a small business, we want to build relationships with our clientele. I try my hardest to be competitive but also understand the world we live in. I am a cleaner, this is my career, I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE. I except my clients to respect that and make payments after the cleanings. I do have a sense of trust, but have been played by a few 'SPECIAL" humans out there who still owe my business money due to non-payment after making their homes sparkle. I work hard, and love the work I do. Please send us an email if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or want a job!

Love always,

Kristen E Day


Two Girls & a Bucket Cleaning Co.